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Joseph Daleiden is a statistician, demographer, economist, public policy analyst and long term corporate planner. He has published papers and books in the fields of economics, sociology, theology, philosophy and finance.

Mr. Daleiden began his career as Manager of Economic and Demographic Studies for Illinois Bell in 1964 where he developed long term projections of population, labor force and economic growth. He developed the first large scale econometric simulation model of a firm as well as models for optimizing labor availability for operator and clerical offices.

In 1978, Mr. Daleiden was loaned by AT&T to the Carter Administration as an economic consultant to the Office of Management and the Budget. He developed a proposal for reorganizing and consolidating the economic functions of the federal government. Joe prepared economic and demographic background papers for urban policy initiatives and was charged with implementing a Presidential Executive Order for assessing the impact of all budgetary and legislative initiatives affecting urban and community areas. He also held seminars for planners from less developed countries on the policies necessary for long term sustainable development.

After returning from Washington, Joe joined the newly created Ameritech Corporation as Director of Corporate Planning and Capital Budgeting. He developed a long term planning process and a methodology for prioritizing capital expenditures.

He left Ameritech in 1993 to write and lecture on philosophy and economics. His books include a theological critique, The Final Superstition; a philosphical treatise, The Science of Ethics; and a comprehensive analysis of today’s socioeconomic polices, The American Dream: Can It Survive the 21st Century? This last work was rated “Highly Recommended” by Future Survey, the book review digest of the World Future Society.

Selected Works

Economics, Sociology, Demographics
The American Dream: Can It Survive the 21st Century?
A comprehensive, analysis of social, economic and demographic trends facing the US in the present century
Philosophy; Ethics
The Science of Morality: The Individual, Community and Future Generations
A radical view of how science, rather than religion or philosophy, can best provide the basis for norms to guide human behavior
The Final Superstition: A Critical Evaluation of the Judeo-Christian Legacy
A devastating attack on theism: "considerable scholarship... finely honed reasoning"

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